Goals vs. Distractions – What Stops You from Sewing?


Thank you for everyone who put in the effort and sent me their sewing goals and obstacles – I’m going through and collating them all – so please expect some useful things coming up soon!

One common theme from a lot of the responses goes something like this: “I would LOVE to sew more, but ______ gets in the way. Can you help?”

Well, let me see…..


First – a simple question for you, to ask your creative mind:

“What’s stopping ME from sewing?”


A wise man once told me about the power of asking your mind a directed (but open-ended) question*, while resisting the urge to come up with an answer straight away.

In fact, it’s most useful to just keep your question in mind and sleep on it. The idea is to get really, really clear on what actually takes you away from your sewing, and then we can figure out how to deal with it :-)


While our distractions / obstacles are not going to be identical, I’ve summed up some common ones:


  • there are not enough hours in a day
  • my child / husband / parent / pet demands my attention
  • I’m not very good / I hit a snag and got discouraged
  • the thought of having to pack up afterwards drives me nuts!
  • I don’t know what to make – I need inspirations
  • I have too many things on the go – I need discipline


Sounds familiar? I bet (I have a couple of these myself).

Do they resonate with you too? Do you have some different ones?


Share them in  the comments, because I will put my thinking cap on and come up with some ways to help, in the next blog post :-)


So – What Stops YOU from Sewing? Do Tell…..



*the question you ask yourself is important. This explains why.



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