Sewist’s Guide for Shopping Online Safely

Shopping online is fun, but are YOU doing it safely?


From one sewing-nut to another, chances are being tech-savvy isn’t in our nature – and most of the online safety articles can full of jargon or scary language – so I thought I’d share a few simple tips to help you (and your personal details) stay safe – and then we can get back to the fun things (like sewing):


Be vigilant with passwords. Use a different one on each website (more on choosing password). Don’t use the same password for everything – in the same way that you wouldn’t have the same key for all of your doors, would you?


Do Not hand over your credit card details over emails, chats, text messages or anything like that. Instead, you can use a secured platform like PayPal so you never have to tell anyone else your credit card details, or make sure the site you’re shopping on is using secure check out. Your web browser address bar should show a padlock or turn green when you are checking out to show it is secure. Below is what it should look like if you’re using Google Chrome. Other browsers may look slightly different.



Use Common Sense. If something looks too cheap, and there’s no information about the seller, could it be too good to be true? When in doubt, ask questions and see how quickly (or if at all) the seller gets back to you. Another way is to simply order a small / inexpensive item from them and see how the experience goes – this way you’d know for sure.


Go with YOUR gut instinct. While you may not be a tech expert, you are probably a far better judge of character / situation from life experience. If you have a funny feeling something isn’t quite right, simply don’t part with your hard earned cash.


Still interested in finding out more? Read this article and this one (which is specifically about eBay).

You’re already doing all of the above? Great. Now feel free to continue shopping online – with those your trust. The sewing stores need your support to continue providing an excellent service to you (and chances are, you also have a sewing habit to support). Right?


Happy shopping (and sewing)!



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