Janome Stirling Review – What Kind of Sewing Machines Are They?

  “I’ve seen this ‘Stirling by Janome’ brand of sewing machine and overlocker around – but cannot find them on Janome Australia’s website. Are they Genuine? The prices seem too good to be true.”   We get this question a lot, especially around Mother’s Day. For good reasons. Let me explain. “Stirling” is Aldi’s own…

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How to Set Up Your Sewing Room – Ideas & Essentials

  Sewing Room Envy? Don’t be. You don’t have to spend a fortune on kitting out your dream sewing room. Because you CAN create a fresh sewing space with a shoestring budget to get yourself started. I’d like to share some tips on setting up a fresh creative space to help you get the most…

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Apple Slice Recipe (the Famous 5-ingredient one)

  So – here’s our most requested Apple Slice Recipe. Enjoy! This Apple Slice uses only 5 ingredients, it’s really easy to make (and even easier to eat)! Ingredients 2 cups self raising flour 1 cup sugar 3 apples, peeled, cored and diced (1cm) 125g butter or margarine 1 egg Directions Toss apples with self…

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How to Choose a Sewing Machine – a Beginner’s Guide

“I’m new to sewing and don’t want to spend a fortune on a sewing machine – which model should I choose?” Since I get this question at least once a week, I thought I’d explain it here for every one At this point, you might be doing heaps of research, and probably starting to get…

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Pre-cut – What Size Quilt Does it Make?

  This is a VERY popular question. So if you’re wondering the same thing, read on….   So you ask: “How Many Packs do I need for a Queen size quilt?”   Here’s the short answer: If you are just stitching the precut pieces together, with no other additional fabrics, then you would need about:…

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Pre-cut Fabric Explained

  “What on earth is a Fat Quarter?”   “How come my quilt pattern calls for Jelly Rolls and Layer Cakes? I’m making a QUILT – not baking!”   If you’re new to the world of patchwork, you might well be wondering about the same thing   So let’s look at the most common types…

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How to Choose the Right Mannequin: based on Your Body Measurements

      When choosing a dressmaker’s dummy, most people ask: “I’m a size __. Which mannequin is right for me?” The assumption is to simply go for the size range listed. Right? Well – Not Exactly. Here’s my standard answer: “Dress size can be unreliable, because they often vary from brand to brand. Instead…

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Not All Presser Feet are Made Equal – what I learn behind the scene

  “I just don’t understand how people would spend so much on sewing machines, then use cheap inferior feet!”  Said K, somewhat exasperated. “If only they knew the risks.”   “Risks? There are risks?” I asked.   This was how it all began. During a conversation with our supplier – for his privacy, let’s just…

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“Will This Presser Foot Fit My Sewing Machine?”

Believe or not – this is by far the MOST asked question from Sew Much Easier customers And the answer? Depends. The best way to find out if a certain foot is right for your machine, first you need to understand what sort of sewing machine you’re trying to fit.       Ok, Let’s start…

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Goals vs. Distractions – What Stops You from Sewing?

  Thank you for everyone who put in the effort and sent me their sewing goals and obstacles – I’m going through and collating them all – so please expect some useful things coming up soon! One common theme from a lot of the responses goes something like this: “I would LOVE to sew more,…

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