Why – and What – Do You Sew?

  Quick question – why do YOU sew? Yes – you can choose more than one…. And, what do you sew? Patchwork? Garments? Do you do crafts other than sewing? I’m asking because I’m making plan to better serve your needs. So, do tell xoxox   P.S. And here are some why & what from lovely Sew Much Easier members….. Enjoy!       I now sew mainly…

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My Mum Doesn’t Sew

  In fact, she’s not all that handy with most craft either. My Mum is utterly lost around sewing machines. Though there was one thing that she enjoyed: knitting and crocheting. From time to time, she would be so proud of her work that she’d dress my brother and I head to toe in her…

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My Secret Dream – in a Dress

  Do you have a thing that you’ve made, that means something extra special to you? It doesn’t even have to be your best work – rather, a personal favourite? Here’s the story of THE favourite thing I’ve made… After my first attempt at serious sewing, I merrily went down the path of making dresses out of store-bought…

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Good Bye Career, Hello Life….

What’s sewing got to do with it, you ask? A lot. Let me go into it a bit more…. In my former life as a fashion designer holding a senior position, I was working at a family-run boutique fashion house. I was involved in everything from hiring staff, training them and retaining them, retail sales…

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My First Sewing Machine

  I celebrated my birthday recently, and it got me thinking about the most memorable present – my very own sewing machine – on my 15th birthday. I first got bitten by the sewing bug in primary school – hand sewing little felt toys. This continued well into high school when hand stitching just wasn’t…

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My First (Serious) Attempt to Sew

  I was that bored high school kid with a sewing machine, so I would occasionally make a few wearable “fashion” here and there – mainly because mum didn’t really let me go shopping but was ok with buying fabric from time to time – especially if there was a sale. I had no idea how things…

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