Another month, another Winner …

Congratulations, Helena Atkinson (from NSW)!! You are the Luck Winner of the Gutermann Sew-All Thread Set. Imagine what you can create with all the colours at your finger tips – I really can’t wait to see Now the official part: see results from the good people at   Congratulations, Helena !!   And I bet…

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A Quick Assembly Guide to Your Dressmaker’s Dummy

If you are into sewing and designing clothes, chances are you already have your eyes on a dressmaker’s mannequin…. One of our most popular adjustable dress forms are the traditional UK ones with wooden legs. Almost all of my sewing friends have secretly (or rather, NOT-so-secretly) put a Lady Valet on their wish list. Lots…

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A Quick Guide to Your Sewing Machine Presser Feet

Lately, quite a few people have asked me all sorts of questions about various sewing machine feet: what they are, how they work, what sort of foot they need, the differences between the different version, and whether the foot they have in mind will fit their machine. The list goes on…..So here is a brief…

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And the Lucky Winner for May is …

Congratulations, Eryn (from QLD)!! You are the winner of a Diana Mannequin (in the size of YOUR choice). I’m so excited for you – just think of the wardrobe you can create with your very own dressmaker’s dummy! Here are the official results from the good people at Ta-Daaaaaa…!!! Congratulations, Eryn!! And now, who…

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Finally: We Have a New Winner

Congratulations, Irene from Victoria!! You are the winner of this gorgeous Ott-Lite Marietta Floor Lamp. Do you miss those longer days during the Daylight Saving months? Me too. Especially in the southern states – we’ve pretty much skipped autumn and gone straight into winter! Brrrrr…. So if you want to Enjoy Natural Daylight all through winter…

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How To Attach Your Walking Foot (and other Screw-On Feet) to Your Sewing Machine

Finally….. You got a Walking Foot, or Darning Foot, or Bias Binding Foot – for your Janome sewing machine. Wow, it looks like a piece of machinery all on its own! So you look at the foot, then look at your machine. How on earth do they come together?If you are anything like me –…

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Who’s The Winner This Time?

Congratulations, Kylie Cook from South Australia!! You are the winner of This Ultimate Presser Feet Set. Now that we’ve ALL survived Easter (AND came out of chocolate coma), let’s enjoy the cooler weather and get into some serious sewing! And I KNOW Kylie will, because she’s just got herself a brand new set of shoes…

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Drum roll Please: This Month’s Winner is

  Congratulations, Nerissa (from Victoria)!! You are the winner of this awesome AccuQuilt Go! Baby Fabric Cutter. Yay! Are you as excited as me….? Here are the official results from the good people at Congratulations, Nerissa!! And, this video shows how you can save upto 90% of cutting time – just like that! Note:…

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Breaking News: Mannequin has a home… And we have a lucky draw Winner!

  Congratulations, Brandi (from VIC)!! You are the winner of a Diana (in the size of YOUR choice).   This time ’round, I’m still as excited as last month – wow, has it been a whole month already?! Here are the official results from the good people at   Congratulations, Brandi!! For everyone else,…

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We have a Winner… for our first lucky draw!

Congratulations, Jenny Chiu (from NSW)!! You are the winner of our very first lucky draw. To be honest, I’m just as excited as all of you who have join our first lucky draw! Here are the official results from the good people at Ta-Daaaaaa…!!! Congratulations, Jenny!! Now, on a separate note…. I’d like to…

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